Proven, ready-to-deploy climate actions that "multi-solve."



GTHA businesses – small, medium and large

Integrate ESG into business and capital plans, making climate mitigation and the associated benefits, such as community resilience, a mainstream function and focus


GTHA Companies

Maximize uptake of federal tax credits available for implementation of qualifying low carbon technologies, for example, heat pumps, energy storage, renewable energy, and zero-emissions off-road vehicles and charging equipment.


Financial Institutions

Financial institutions have a critical role to play in supporting and accelerating the transition to net zero by providing strategically structured financing for deep retrofits, green new construction, EVs and EV charging, and small and medium scale solar.


Building Owners

Companies should make their own facilities and consumption lower carbon.

For example, make clean transportation to the workplace easy and affordable, and building owners should retrofit their buildings.

TAF’s Retrofit Accelerator offers free support to multi-family building owners committed to undertaking deep retrofits, and investment in low-carbon projects and ventures with significant carbon reduction potential.



Developers should capitalize on supports offered by cities through Green Development Standards to invest in low-carbon, location-efficient construction; developers can also benefit from the growing demand from homeowners for healthy, climate resilient homes.