Emissions by sector
0.46 MtCO2eq
0.9% of GTHA carbon emissions
Agriculture emissions hold steady, driven mainly by the application of nitrogen fertilizers to agricultural lands
Total Agriculture Emissions, 2015-2021
Total Agriculture Emissions, 2015-2021

The GTHA’s agricultural emissions remained slightly above the pre-pandemic average for the second year in a row. Methane produced by cattle and nitrous oxide released from the land application of fertilizers is the largest contributor to these emissions. An increase in the latter was the main reason for elevated emissions seen in 2020 and 2021.

Agricultural emissions comprise about 1% of the GTHA’s total emissions, with most agricultural activity concentrated in Durham. However, much of the food consumed within the GTHA comes from outside the region. Although the emissions associated with this externally produced food are likely to be substantial, they are part of Scope 3 emissions and not reflected in this inventory.