Emissions by Region
The City of Hamilton is the fifth largest city in Ontario and the tenth largest in Canada.
10.2 MtCO2eq total 2021 carbon emissions
20% of GTHA emissions
569,353 Population (2021)
7.8% GTHA population
481 km2 land area
10.2 MtCO2eq
Total 2021 carbon emissions
Hamilton Total Emissions 2016-2021
Hamilton Total Emissions 2016-2021
Hamilton 2021 Emissions Breakdown
Hamilton 2021 Emissions Breakdown


  • Hamilton’s emissions increased by 6.9% in 2021, with the industrial and building sectors being the city’s two biggest sources of emissions, respectively.
  • While its per capita emissions are the highest in the GTHA, these include industrial processes and facilities that serve the rest of the GTHA and beyond.
  • Hamilton is the only GTHA region that saw a decrease (-3.7%) in transportation emissions in 2021.

Innovation in Hamilton

After the historic vote to keep sprawl to a minimum and intensify their population, Hamilton adopted a community energy and emissions plan for 2022. These are vital steps to ensuring sustainable development and reaching climate targets in Hamilton.